Dave Lorenzo Law Firm Marketing Expert

During the past 20 years Dave Lorenzo has helped law firms and other professional practices grow. He founded Rainmaker Lawyer Consulting in 2006 to focus his efforts on law firms.

Law firm marketing, business strategy, practice management and productivity improvement are a few areas of expertise for the Atlanta Rainmaker Lawyer Consulting Team.

Legal Marketing Atlanta

Attention Atlanta Lawyers

Are you an attorney who would like to make more money without working more hours?

Would you like to attract better quality cases?

Is getting paid upfront and on time important to you?

Have you wondered where you would go to uncover some of this information?

Are you frustrated every time you think how you spent a boat load of money on law school but there was no course on how to make money as a lawyer?

–Did you believe being a lawyer was going to be different?
–Did you feel you would start your own firm and clients would suddenly find you?
–Did you trust that you would have clients beating a path to your door ready to pay high fees?

I’ve seen attorney after attorney toil away, working 60 to 70 hours each week, sacrificing their precious family time only to make enough money to cover the monthly bills.

But at the same time, there are marginal lawyers working less hours and making more money.

What do these people know that you do not?

How come you can’t work hard, be a good attorney, make a fantastic living AND come home on time every night?

Well, you can…and some attorneys do…

My name is Dave Lorenzo and a few years ago a group of attorneys asked me to help them build their law firm the way I built my consulting business. I told them I didn’t know much about the law but after doing some research I did know:

  • Why clients hire some attorneys and not others
  • How clients decide who to give their legal work to
  • When to discuss new legal services with a client
  • Who to talk with in a large business about securing legal work
  • What a client needs to make a decision when they engage an attorney
  • Where to find more clients like your best clients

The lawyers I have shared this with were amazed that I could come up with such an accurate portrait of their clients from just a few months of working with them.

They were even more amazed when we implemented a legal marketing system that actually delivered new clients to their doorstep.

That was a couple of years ago and we have refined our legal marketing system since those early days. Although many things have changed, two things remain the same:

1). Attorneys still need clients
2). They still do not teach legal marketing in law school

In early 2011 my team and I will be offering Legal Marketing Coaching and Consulting Services in Atlanta. This is the same service we have offered in other parts of the country for the past few years.

If you would like information about how you can participate in some of the local law firm marketing events we will be hosting in your area, please give us a call. Our telephone number is: 888.692.5531

In the meantime, take a look around our Atlanta Legal Firm Marketing website. The information we have posted here will offer you a head start on building a good book of business for your law firm.

I wish you the best of success and I look forward to seeing you soon at one of our Atlanta Law Firm Marketing events.


Dave Lorenzo
Chairman and Founder
Rainmaker Lawyer Consulting