Dave Lorenzo Law Firm Marketing Expert

During the past 20 years Dave Lorenzo has helped law firms and other professional practices grow. He founded Rainmaker Lawyer Consulting in 2006 to focus his efforts on law firms.

Law firm marketing, business strategy, practice management and productivity improvement are a few areas of expertise for the Atlanta Rainmaker Lawyer Consulting Team.

Law Firm Marketing is Necessary

December 26th, 2010

There is a group of lawyers out there who will tell you that law firm marketing is not necessary. They will tell you to ignore any advice about doing the work required to attract clients. They will tell you that learning to attract clients as a lawyer is beneath you. They will tell you that it is enough to just be a good lawyer and the clients will come.

They are wrong.

If you want to attract clients you must do some form of law firm marketing. Clients do not just fall out of the sky into your law firm. You have to make sure they know who you are, what you do and why you do it better than everyone else.

If you take law firm marketing seriously you will not need to worry about making money.

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