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During the past 20 years Dave Lorenzo has helped law firms and other professional practices grow. He founded Rainmaker Lawyer Consulting in 2006 to focus his efforts on law firms.

Law firm marketing, business strategy, practice management and productivity improvement are a few areas of expertise for the Atlanta Rainmaker Lawyer Consulting Team.

Law Firm Marketing Means Action

October 18th, 2010

Contrary to the way most people think of the South, Atlanta moves fast. Law firm marketing in Atlanta means taking action and doing it quickly.

Here are three ways smart Atlanta lawyers are using law firm marketing action to their advantage:

One-On-One Networking at Least Twice a Week

Have a meal with someone who can possibly refer you business at least twice each week. This is a great opportunity to get to know someone on a more personal level. It is those personal relationships that will lead to business down the road.

There are three meal periods in each workday. There are five days in a work week. This is 15 different opportunities to meet with someone. You only need to have two meetings each week in order for them to pay off. Take the time to break bread with someone who can refer you business.

Send a Hand Written Note

Sending a handwritten note each day is a smart law firm marketing strategy. It gives you five personal touches with people who will be flattered that you took the time to reach out to them. At the end of the year you will have sent 250 notes to 250 different people. Do you think some of them will send you business?

Make One Phone Call

Each day before you leave your office make one last phone call to a referral source. If that person doesn’t answer, leave him a message saying you were thinking about him and wanted to “check-in”.

Again, this is a strategy designed to create a personal connection between you and a potential referral source. These five additional touches each week will endear you to 250 people during the course of a year. Even if they are the same 250 people to whom you send the notes, they will definitely be impressed.

Use these three law firm marketing tips in your practice and you will immediately begin to see the results.

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