Dave Lorenzo Law Firm Marketing Expert

During the past 20 years Dave Lorenzo has helped law firms and other professional practices grow. He founded Rainmaker Lawyer Consulting in 2006 to focus his efforts on law firms.

Law firm marketing, business strategy, practice management and productivity improvement are a few areas of expertise for the Atlanta Rainmaker Lawyer Consulting Team.

Everybody is a Legal Marketing Consultant These Days

November 1st, 2010

These days everyone seems to be a legal marketing expert. We find people who build websites calling themselves legal marketing experts. We find people who do public relations work calling themselves legal marketing experts. We find printers who print brochures and newsletters calling themselves legal marketing experts. And of course we find former lawyers calling themselves legal marketing experts.

How do you know who is “the real deal”?

Here are three things to look for:

Education and Experience: Notice I said both education and experience. Having one without the other is like hiring a doctor who learned to operate only by practicing on (his now deceased) patients. You want to see some kind of business education as well as some kind of communications educations in your law firm marketing consultant’s background. A good education requires work and we want to make sure your consultant has that.

The experience should include actually helping a law firm of your size grow. If you are a big law firm, you should work with a consultant who has experience helping big law firms. Small firm attorneys should look for someone who works with solo and small practice lawyers.

Commitment to Continuous Improvement: The consultant you hire should always be learning new techniques. Each time you see him he should have some new strategy to recommend to you. This type of information comes from being a part of a group or organization that helps to foster an environment of continuous learning.

References: The legal marketing consultant you hire should have impeccable references and you should have speak with them before making a hiring decision.

These are three criteria from about 100 you should have for hiring a legal marketing consultant. Ask good questions and you will make a good decision.

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