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During the past 20 years Dave Lorenzo has helped law firms and other professional practices grow. He founded Rainmaker Lawyer Consulting in 2006 to focus his efforts on law firms.

Law firm marketing, business strategy, practice management and productivity improvement are a few areas of expertise for the Atlanta Rainmaker Lawyer Consulting Team.

Why Start a Law Firm?

November 5th, 2010

Seth Godin gives us the answer to the question: Why start a law firm?

Although Seth is talking about starting a business I believe the point is transferable. If you are a big law associate (or even a partner) you need to realize that the little voice that is telling you that you can do things better, faster, smarter and for more/better people is right. You can.

Starting a law firm is difficult. You will have to worry about how to get clients as a lawyer. You will have to take action and you will have to work hard. You may struggle for the first couple of years. But once things are moving along, nobody can take it away from you. Of you set it up right your law firm will keep you fat and happy for many years.

Why haven’t you started your own law firm?

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